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  1. Looking for any information about them. Anyone gone through the interview or work there? Thanks
  2. zdreg


    have u done a search?
    probably not. if u have u should have shared what u had.

    i checked a few of your posts? you ask ?s and give nothing in return.
  3. It is interesting that you take the time to check my other posts, although I don't know why you phrased it as a question. Second, there is no rule that says I have to give something in return, but if I have something to give, Ill give it. As such:

    I know Eldorado trades eurodollar futures, mostly spreads. I belive their training offers 400 a week and you go live when ready. I also heard if you miss your stop once you are gone.

    Zdreg have you heard anything else? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: my search on et didn't yield much but I may have overlooked something. This is all what I've heard from a former employee.
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    "i checked a few of your posts?" ? should have been a period.

    i checked my recollection that in the past u asked questions but did not contribute info.

    you are not obligated. people have opinions about takers and non-contributors.

    http://www.eldoradotradinggroup.com... might prove to be useful to some people. /
  5. Ok let's not make this thread into a debate over the morals of posting on online forums. If a thank you won't suffice as something in return, so be it. Above I offered some info on the topic. Hopefully that will erase my status as a "non-contributor.". Zdreg if you have nothing to "contribute" here except your opinion on "non-contributors," please go hunt another one down via searching through his posts.

    So any additional information on eldorado?
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    it might not seem so obvious but some of your ?s can be answered with a phone call to EL Dorado. what u previously heard might prove to be useful to some people.

    that is how information flows.
  7. That's a good point. I actually did talk to them on the phone but got no additional info.

    Maybe I shouldve been a bit more specific. I'd like to hear more about the interview process and the "culture" there.
  8. Hello, does anyone have any information regarding the hiring process like what kind of questions they ask at the interview? How many applicants they interview and out of those, how many make it?

  9. All I know is the interview questions are math and logic related.