Eldorado Trading Group, LLC

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  1. Anyone know anything about this firm other than they trade euro$'s?? reputable firm? good place to work? pay, benefit and such?? what's the word on them on the street??

  2. Yes..they are the left over traders from Shill Securities LLC...the feds shut them down and were hot on their tail so they formed a new compay and moved everything over to this firm
  3. i know it's a legit firm, but was looking for something concrete. isn't that a bad sign if they're old firm was shut down by the feds?? anyone know anything more about the firm?? thanks.
  4. TM is pulling your leg.

  5. No im not ..ask Don Bright....he use to be at war with Shill securities
  6. LOL, this has to be one of the best and longest running smile makers on ET.

  7. wait what?? so, still no real news on eldorado.... still waiting...

    by the way, don bright, are you guys hiring by any chance?!

    eldorado people! lets not sway from the topic of discussion here!
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    I've posted this before. Last I heard the deal was to work Midnight to 9:00am for 4 years. And you couldn't touch your profits for during this time. The draw was also very small($200-$250wk). The head guy is real sharp and I do think they put alot into training. But you really pay for it.
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    I know a little about those guys.Waters was one of the first to trade the Euro-dollar spreads overnight.Freind of a freind was real tight with him, they used to trade for the same guy and cleared Wescott.

    My guess is they are worth your while.Also, my guess is most of what they do is spread related.Allthough I could be wrong,it has been some time since I had contact with anyone related to Eldorodo.

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