Elder's Triple Screen settings

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  1. Does anyone know the setting Alex Elder advises to use for the MACD in the Triple Screen System????
  2. Hi Donald,

    Two messages by you on this particular subject.

    Seems kind'uv important to you.

    You can always order his book from Amazon...it's called Come Into My Trading Room. Apparently he goes into great details about the Triple Screen System.

    It costs less than $40.00


    I guess he first mentioned this system in his first book called Trading for a Living.

    However, he apparently goes into greater details in the latter book Come Into My Trading Room.

    Another option for you is simply to use Google search engine to find out the parameters used for the MACD...

    it is posted on Google.

    Last of all...if your a MetaStock user...its in a MetaStock forumula.

    You can always search for the formula in those MetaStock user groups.

  3. I have two of his video seminars, and i did not hear the settings there, so i do not think the book might have it either.
  4. I strongly recommend closely reviewing his book AND the Workbook written for this text (Buy both at Amazon/B&N for about $50).

    For MACD, in the book, see pp. 102-103, 130.

    For MACD-Histogram (a very different indicator) see pp. 104-108 and pp. 132-133.

    Read the book, do the tests in the workbook, read the chapters you need to 'improve on' and then trade.

    Wish I'd been so 'smart' 3 or 4 years ago!!
  5. Are you sure ?
    I have his book and he talks about 12 and 26 days MME for MACD line and MME9 of this line.