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  1. Has anybody read "Entries and Exits" yet. I like to read trader interviews and supposedly thats what this is but would like a review from traders if possible.
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    Perused it at B&N or was that Borders. Anyway, book was expensive but an easy read so I went through it in one sitting at the B&M. Interesting stuff on how other people trade. Decent analysis. Gave you a quiz on what you would do on some of the trades. You get to see the outcome.
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    Check it out from your local library. FREEEEE!!!!
  4. Save your money don't buy Entries & Exits : Visits to 16 Trading Rooms by Alexander Elder. You will not regret buying it. Because it is an extended infomercial for his trading seminars and chat rooms.
    This latest book is a high priced junk to attract more people to his trading chat room and seminar.
    The book interviews 16 traders and looks at their entry, exit and trading methodologies. Elder adds expert comments to their own methods and offers some suggestion. The problem is all the featured traders are teachers at his chat room, or ex students. There is no performance criteria for selecting them. Most of them going by the interviews have still been struggling with their trading. The entry methods in most cases look similar, why because they are all followers of Elder and their methodologies are copycats of his methodologies. There is hardly anything new or insightful in these interviews. In case you are dumb there is also a very high priced guide to complement this book.
    If this book is so bad why the reviews on Amazon so good? Because Amazon allows authors/publishers to edit the reviews and if you post negative reviews they just delete it.As someone on Amazon forum has said it correctly

    "If Elder knows so much why doesn't he stop writing expensive books and go trade and keep his mouth shut. I think there is more money to be made in trading camps, books, seminars and webinars than in trading!!"
  5. Easyguru is that true?

    "If this book is so bad why the reviews on Amazon so good? Because Amazon allows authors to edit the reviews and if you post negative reviews they just delete it.As someone on Amazon forum has said it correctly"

    If so that's fraud, isn't it. I mean c'mon what a sham. :mad:
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    series 7

    Thanks for that info

    I always wondered why there are few negative reviews on Amazon
  7. Amazon is just like another big corporation only interested in profits. Post a review which is negative on any book on trading by the publisher of this book and you will notice what happens. I have given up on Amazon reviews because of my experience of writing reviews which were critical.
    There is only one negative review on this book which I am surprised how Amazon has still kept.
    See below.
    29 of 35 people found the following review helpful:
    Extremely Disappointed, June 4, 2006
    Reviewer: bartok69 (Seattle, WA) - See all my reviews
    I wrote an unbiased review on here that gave the book 2 stars. The review was deleted.

    The summary of my previous review is that the premise of the book is brilliant, but the execution is poor. All of the traders interviewed are either Elder's students, or teachers at his trading camp. Essentially, they all trade the same system, and the book reads like promotional material for Elder's trading material.

    I'm not sure why my review was deleted. This irritates me greatly. I buy a lot of books on Amazon and depend on other customers to provide neutral views. I'm highly suspicious of all of these 5 star votes given by reviewers who have written no other reviews. Traders, please be skeptical.

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  8. Thanks for shining light on a dirty little problem.


  9. Thanks for the replies. I think Ill save my money. If they are all his students then the whole thing stinks.
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    I am always wondering about this too. If they are good traders, why don't they just increase trading size? Why they bother to sell their systems, service, etc.?

    If they are not good enought, why should we learn from the not winners?

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