Elder's new book..rehash or new stuff?

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  1. Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading
    by Alex Elder.

    Anybody read this? the summary sounded alot like Trading for a Living - his old book

    just a rehash or new ideas?
  2. Babak


    Haven't read it but when I read this on the Editorial Reviews section in amazon.com:

    "Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader—identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits."

    ...my BS alarm goes off.
  3. I haven't read the book either but my rant for the night is that so often authors write books for beginners that are nothing more than unenlightened rehashes of works such as Edwards and Magee with a chapter on psychology thrown in at the end.

  4. This was the same guy who sent me e-mails every 3 months for some other Caribbean cruise to explore trading systems and ideas...With the e-mails, there was always some sort of "fire sale" of books, audio cassettes, etc...

    The guy reminded me more of a t-shirt vendor than a successful trader
  5. Also I'm a bit skeptical of anyone who sells with the book an accompanying "study guide" for $15.
  6. also, beware of anyone that posts advice 4 free on a message bored...oh yeah

    he's makin less than even the arther of the bookk..hehe
  7. HI All

    I wasnt aware that he revealed anything extraordinary in his first book. Not expecting much in this one either. Hes just another paraphraser. Takes bits and pieces of other books and pastes them together. Passssssssss


  8. Ok lets only hear from people WHO ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK

  9. The title of his book sounds pretty perverted to me...
  10. Nice picture.
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