Elderly who eat better stay mentally sharp: study

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    in addition to eating nutrient dense foods eat 40% less calories
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    i have more info about this for anyone genuinely interested. reply here that you are i'll post it.
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  5. Confirmation of the obvious.....wealthier people live longer. :eek:
  6. Not sure the study looked at longevity. Actually the data seems to show that the highest rates of alzheimers are in the wealthier countries although it is hard to tell because so much of the data is based on occurrences per 100,000 in population versus occurences in (for example) over age-70 population.

    Some of the countries have lower rates because there is no meaningful data gathering and because their population does not have as many people who live to become elderly which is when most dementia sets in. You know, in Roman times, the average age was about 26 when you factored in all the deaths from childbirth and epidemics. Most likely that lowered the incidence of prostate and alzheimers as well.

    Alzheimers isnt the only form of dementia either, not by a long shot. We have just started calling all forms of dementia Alzheimers now. Other forms are definitley related to high fat diet (as the brain is one more place where vascular disease and strokes set in). Most likely Americans dont fare well there even if the data were properly collected and presented.
  7. "If anyone right now is considering a New Year's resolution to improve their diet, this would certainly give them another reason to eat more fruits and vegetables."


    Just curious, when was the last time anyone seen a commercial for an apple?

    Ya think you can buy an apple in a school lunch room? How about a real vegetable served in a nursing home?
  8. Confirmation of the obvious....wealthier people have access to better healthcare which allows them to live longer and ultimately suffer from Alzheimers. :) :(
  9. Depends on what you are measuring. As discussed, if you are measuring the occurrence of alz in general populations, then obviously populations with higher populations of elderly will have larger populations with alz. That is a different measurement than the rate of alz among elderly populations when comparing one country to another. It just means that the general population that the sample size can be applied to is larger in one country. China, for example, might have lower rates (as percentages) of all sorts of medical conditions (when compared to some other countries) but still have more in actual numbers because they beaucoup of everything.

    Both India and the United States have elderly populations and there has been an effort on for years to try to figure out why some of these poorer countries actually have a lower incidence of alz. Certainly it is not because India is a wealthier country.

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