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  1. On CNBC after the close today . . . looking for a 4-8% downmove.


  2. :D

    still holding the small shorts entered last week.

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    Sounds like she's hoping to hit another home run. Things must be slow on the lecture circuit lately.
  4. Seems like kind of a long-shot. Christmas seasonality is not conducive to crashing. The only dumber prediction than that would be a crash across Thanksgiving.

    Much more likely would be a 4-8% drop in January 2006.
  5. Maybe she had to make the prediction now since she wont be scheduled to appear before the New Year. Did that ever occur to you sir?
  6. is she still around- ?


    here is a woman who made ONE good call in her life- and like a one-hit wonder rock band she keeps performing the same song- only her voice is gone!

    We have one large down day- post-expiry -- and voila! she decides we must now have a further down move of up to 8%! What a charlatan.

  7. 4% off the SPX's recent high of 1275 is only 1224. That's not a crash.
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    Actually, she has made quite a few excellent calls. Last time I saw her in an interview, she was debating Bill Fleckenstein. It was right after the second Iraq war, around May 2003, and she was calling for a cyclical bull market in U.S. equities. She nailed it exactly on the head.

    Fleck, on the other hand, was looking for a pop and drop. While i think he has some good ideas and certainly knows enough not to fight the tape, he was wrong.

    As for her one big call (1987), she did get it right. Call it luck or what you may, but it launched her career. She's managing hundreds of millions now and most important of all, making money for her clients. That is what it's about.

    No slam intended to you ice, but i think the lady is certainly due her respect.
  9. Alright - I apologize to Elaine - just haven't seen her around for 15 years+ - but then I don't follow CNBC as much as in the good olde days.

    I'm sure she is a very sharp cookie!

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    I agree with you plugger.

    Also, in regards to the prev posts about the correction, she's not talking in daytrading terms.
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