Elaine Chow....ughhh

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  1. there she is again, on CNBC

    putting a spin on all that misery for all those people out there (with careers, or former careers, degrees, experience and no jobs).

    is she a piece of work or what?
  2. she is a pretentious ass.

    BTW, what do you think of Kramer (is that Kramer) claiming we should be at 11,700 on the DOW next year?
  3. funny you should see that sh'e pretentious...

    cold harted, dispassionate, harsh, disconnected to reality or others' pain,,,,

    all the things that a person in charge of labor should never be acused of being

    who was that unusually short PhD that Clinton had as his Labor Secretary?

    now that guy was not only a competent professor and noted publisher, he had human feeling, and was able to settle major labor disputes....

    I don't think Elaine could ever negotiate against a labor union or striking workers or represent management properly....
  4. Keeps talking about a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in the Economy because we have such incredible productivity growth with an 8.2% GDP, yet she is still unable to tell us where all the job creation is!

    Totally not from this World!

  5. Economics 101
    a) don't count on anything until the check has cleared
    b) economic growth is a prediction at best and not a science
    c) selling good will is Snake Oil Salemanship 101 (at best)
  6. :( yup:(

    She's just doing her job... you know treat the wide public audience like mushrooms,--------feed them bull$#it and keep them in the dark-------.:p

    Anything to keep the herd in:eek: what a crock:(
  7. gms


    That's a good one. I think that's why they embraced TV. Average Joe spends 8 hours daily plopped in front of the tube. Feeds the majority fluff, BS and nonsense nightly to keep the masses from rising up and revolting, sort of like an electronic thorazine delivery system.
  8. AOL man is was cool the way you rode that bike with the matrix chick on the back and you even got to dance with the pretty lady.
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    Robert Reich was probably the best Labor Secretary that I have seen during my lifetime. Chow is only average by my measure - perhaps a bit below average.
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    Even though I'm a Republican/Libertarian, I had much respect for the candor of Robert Reich. More than once during the Clinton bull run on jobs, I would hear Reich comment after the payroll number that he was still disappointed that much of the job creation each month was in service as opposed to manufacturing. He often was humble if not depreciating during the best economic data.
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