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  1. Ahhhh yess... lucky us, we get to hear from Democrats every day: the world's loudest collection of loonies..

    The US of A is a fundamentally horrible place. Chemicals are innocent until proven guilty. In a sane culture chemicals would have to be proven to be harmless to people BEFORE they were sprayed on crops to be later eaten. That is just one example of how bad a fascistic marriage of corporate money and politicians is. Democrats have never, ever, done anything about that situation but they sure suck up that corporate money while spouting off to us about how they are for the children and the little guy..
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    You mean like this Mr. +1 and air conditioner repairman?

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  3. What planet are YOU living on? If it wasn't for the dems the EPA and the other consumer protection agencies would be gone. Any blame for the lack of environmental protections goes mostly to the pubs who have never met a regulation that they like.

    But yes I agree the greater good often takes second place to corporate profits and thanks to Citizens United it will only get worse. But the pubs were all for it.
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    Congress shoud de-fund Obama's EPA. They are on a political mission over reaching at every turn.
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  5. hmm I remember a thread by that title that made you run away because I made you look like an idiot.
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  6. Tribalism didn't work too well for the indians now did it?
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    White man like Indian tribe.

    <img src=http://i4.bebo.com/016/5/large/2007/06/13/17/3335230137a4671681296l.jpg>
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