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  1. RedDuke


    Wow, just turn the clock 8 years ago, and almost exactly the same was said about Bush and "ignorant" right that elected him.

    Bush was a "red color cloth" for liberals, Obama is the same for conservatives. The pendulum swung the other way completely.

    Who know, may be next time we will get someone who can balance both sides.
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  2. BSAM


    Oh, you mean like someone from the folks at www.lp.org?
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  3. pspr


    Friday. An $85 billion (3%) cut and it's going to completely disolve governement services. I guess we shouldn't have given that $50 billion to the Sandy victims in January.

    Of course, if there were some need, like aid to China or aid for some flu outbreak in Iran, we'd gladly give them $50 billion or so without batting an eye.

    I remember when Pelosi, Reid and Bush gave African nations $30 billion just for aids research. I thought that was a huge chunk of money for one cause outside the U.S. No one complained about how we couldn't afford to do that. Not one Congressman, Senator or the President.

    The irony.
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  4. jem


    conservatives on the wrong side of history... good analysis...

    better to progress to a model like we saw in the ussr, or the eastern block... or even socialist france and england.

    that progressive model is a real winner.
    can't wait for the price controls as the ministry of price controls learns that with price control comes shortages.

    I look forward to seeing bread lines.

    and ten guys doing the job of a 14 year sweeping tennis courts in a socialist make job.
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  5. pspr


    And, Sequestration is just a drop in the bucket. It's not even a serious cut. The red area on this chart is how much we will save with sequestration. We need to do a lot more than this.

    <img src=http://blog.heritage.org/wp-content/uploads/BL-sequestration-size-comparison.jpg>
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  6. Lucrum


    + 16.4 Trillion...and counting
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  7. It's too bad there is no place to cut signifcant spending. If only we could find somewhere to cut the budget and reduce the deficit. Maybe we should wait to repair the bridges and cut out funding for that useless scientific research stuff.


    The world's top 5 military spenders in 2012.
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  8. Let's hope so, but RCG is right in pointing out that demographic changes are unalterably changing the country and its voting patterns. We are becoming California.
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  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    History needs to run it's course before a judgment can be passed. Unless you mean that Conservatives are always on the wrong side of (left wing) historian viewpoints.

    Tell me. When we are bankrupt and unable to spend money on, well, anything, will you be here saying that it was the fiscal conservatives or spending liberals that were on the wrong side of history?
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  10. We are not going the way of Greece. This is fearmongering.
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