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  1. Limbaugh concedes......liberalism kicked his ass

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    He just recognizes what the rest of us have been saying here for the last 4 months. The U.S. has been taken over by the parasite class who will always vote to give themselves more governement STUFF.

    Rush is just expressing his outrage that people like yourself, buckwheat, are so willing to destroy this country for some cheese and a lazy life.
  3. conservatives: always on the wrong side of history.:)
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    You're just full of shit. You had better put me back on ignore before you read a post from me really kicking the crap out of you.
  5. Nah, you stay. The fact that you could not tell the difference in your basic government documents is overshadowed by the fact that you start over half of the threads here. This forums moves about as much as the other forums without your amusing contributions.

    Obama re-elected, ACA implemented, DOMA soon to be stuck down, and Rush conceding has made this a great start to the year.:D
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    It's almost March, moRon. I hope you like falling in mud puddles face first.
  7. Exactly, piss poor, the first three months of year is usually called the beginning.

    Maybe think February is at the end of the year in your alternate universe.:)

    Conservatives: not very bright either.:D
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    LOL. I think most would consider the term "the beginning of the year" to be the first week or month of the year.

    But, you can make up your own rules. You usually do as you lie your way around the forum, moRon.
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    Exsqueeze me for interrupting this brilliant conversation, concerning a dope fiend, (they don't call him "Rush" for nothing) but shouldn't everyone be more concerned about the imminent economic explosion scheduled for Friday, March 1?:p

    BTW...When do our D.C. whores have the next imminent explosion planned?
    Isn't it something like March 27th?
    Ain't it fun?
  10. I really don't see what there is to celebrate.

    What we are seeing is a demonstration of why our Founding Fathers were so determined to avoid a pure democracy. Over time, through weakness, ignorance, greed and mostly politics, we lost our republican form of government, saw federalism turned on its head and frittered away our sovereignty. We're at the point where our elected officials are apologetic about having immigration laws or enforcing them. A miniscule threatened cut in the growth of future spending has the entire political and media establishment in turmoil.

    Just like Rush said, we have witnessed the triumph of the ignorant, the dysfunctional, the irresponsible, the low information celebrity-addled losers. They are finally succeeding in dragging the rest of us down to their level.

    The fact that some of them are doing an endzone dance is just evidence that tribalism is more important to them than the country.
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