El Paso anyone?

Discussion in 'Options' started by vladiator, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Anybody doing straddles on EP? Seems like it's either BK or much higher very soon.
  2. I was looking at some potential trades today. I really need to run through some scenarios tonight and fit my outlook with the level of risk I am willing to accept. You are thinking Long Straddles, I presume?

    I have been putting on trades recently with unhedged Gold stocks. I sold quite a few Calls last week (Wednesday). I will probably transform that position sometime later on this week.
  3. Yes. Tomorrow's open looks like a gap up. I might have missed some of the action by not getting it a bit earlier. The sell off today was a bit too much panic. Will probably long some straddles tomorrow.
  4. I went Long Stock for my personal account today (Filled @ 3.75). I placed no orders in my trading account. You thinking front-month on the Straddles? Did you trade the move on HD last month? I legged into some Short Strangles on it, and they have worked out well.
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