EK 0 dollar stock.

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  1. stock at 27-28 dollars in 06. Funny how the Annual reports provide such a rosy outlook.

    In 2006, a new Kodak began to emerge.
    For the first time in our history, the full-year growth of our digital earnings exceeded the decline in earnings from our traditional business. When you consider where we were three years ago, with few digital prospects to speak of and the film industry in rapid decline, this milestone speaks volumes about our determination to remake and renew Kodak in the digital age.
    Our record of innovation and corporate responsibility grew in leaps and bounds. In 2006, we secured 688 new patents, putting us among the world’s top-ranked patent recipients, especially measured against dollars spent.
    We won dozens of awards for excellence and innovation in product design, service, and marketing. We were also recognized for our business ethics, corporate citizenship, diversity, and environmental stewardship.
    Our efforts to capitalize on our intellectual property accelerated in 2006. We now have patent license agreements with more than 20 companies. In addition to generating cash and earnings, these agreements increase our ability to enter new digital markets and reach more people with cutting-edge technology.
    We have met unprecedented challenges in the company’s history and we are becoming a stronger company in the process. Moreover, we’re within sight of completing what will be one of the most remarkable turnarounds in corporate history.
    We have a lot of work ahead of us on many fronts—launching our new and revolutionary consumer inkjet business, capitalizing on the creation of our graphic communications business, and completing our major restructuring, to name three. We approach this work with a confidence reinforced by our strong position in numerous digital markets, and our proven ability to make the changes needed for success.

    Then the 2010 report.

    no pictures of smiling kids or the CEO giving a rosy outlook anymore.


    So when annual reports go b&w with no pictures thats bad.
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    I always noticed how annual reports provided such rosy outlooks, I mean why would you want to scare the shareholder into thinking otherwise, haha. I mentioned something like this last week when the fedex ceo mentioned that the US economy was NOT in a recession! What ceo is going to come out and even come close to mentioning that the economy is in a recession or nearing one, NONE are.