EJ_4H Method

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  1. This is a forex trading system on H4 chart with attached indicators and templates.


    1- You should use MT4.

    2- You should Update Monthly, Weekly, Daily, H4, H1 charts when using.

    3- You should copy the indicators in .../Meta Trader/experts/indicators folder.

    4- You should copy the indicators in .../Meta Trader/templates folder.

    5- As this is an easy-to-use method you just use templates to do every thing with this method.(e.g. ususally setup ej_4h for monitoring and when you are predicting market by pivots you setup ej_4h_wp or/and ej_4h_mp and after your calculation back to ej_4h to see the chart with less difficulty.

    6- Templates with the extention of "wb" are ones with White Background to facilitate preparing a picture for printing or other use.


    ej_4h ------------------------ Basic template (setup)
    ej_4h_wp -------------------- Basic setup+weekly pivots
    ej_4h_mp -------------------- Basic setup+monthly pivots
    ej_4h_dual stoch ------------- Basic setup+dual stochastic oscillator

    Important Notes:

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