EJ up 20 per cent in last two days

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by monty21, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. EJ - E-House (China) Holding Ltd is soaring. Yesterday it went up over 8 per cent. This morning its up about 12 per cent.

    How much longer can this stock rise. It only went public about 2 months ago.

    Sky's the limit perhaps? Does not look too exhausted yet. Has full momentum.
  2. Damn You Monte If you had been reading stoney's posts or even hit the search button you would of been in for this whole ride. Of course it's going through $30 I told you that Sunday!!!!~ SI
  3. Ouch :(
  4. Monte that was a reflexive response. I was watching some war stuff last night about the British Monte got me fired up. I realize my EJ piece is under a rather stupid title of a series of price quotes... I think I was trying to make a point about higher highs. I've got a limit sell in my online account on this name because I am never good with winners so don't listen to me. I have also put out a email to a professional who is sitting on a larger amount for me... we'll see. I should add I sold JRJC at $17 or something.... Anyway what's scary about EJ is how it can be that big and STILL move like that, my best guess is that I will sell way to early. That being said. Greenspan just called China a bubble I think and the inner me thinks Chinese stocks will start our sell off on Oct 11th.

    ~I owe you a Chinese winner before then!
    peace. Stoney.
  5. Hey Stoney..

    I have actually owned EJ shortly after it went public. I got in at $20.90.

    I am selling my EJ shares if it drops below $27.15

  6. I knew I didn't like you! There you were playing possum getting us all excited about a stock you already own from the ipo. Well I just got in touch with my guy and we decided to HOLD. So take that Monte!