Eiwble Whitey made us do it. says BO admin & apologists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Index piker, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Isn't it funny when people complain that those who they consider morons have duped them?
  2. How's the blame evil whitey game today?
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    It is funny that they are trying to demonise fox news, when fox only had a brief mention of it during their daily program before she was fired, all of the others Greta, Beck, hannity, Oreilly, never even talked about it until after she was already fired, so admittedly they didnt do their own research properly, but they did not effect the outcome whatsoever, it is just another opportunity for the mainstream media, and Obama to try to demonise fox news when infact it was breitbart who was the dickhead who started it all, and every single one of them acted on the bad information provided by him. How can the Obama admin consider themselves any better then fox news who acted on the same information? It wasnt fox news who made the choice to fire them.

    Perhaps since the woman was speaking at an NAACP even the NAACP should have checked their own video logs of the incident before going off on her.
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    Your pushing the limits with this kind of shit dude, i like to think your making a joke at the expense of PC asshoels still, but you arent doing our side any justice, by continually posting shit which is on the edge of being racist.

  5. My advice is change your diapers and quit being fearful of the epithets that might get hurled at you.