Either you believe or you don't. That's the real bottom line

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  1. "Either you believe or you don't. That's the real bottom line."

    This comment was just recently made by 'kut2k2' regarding a question a poster made re automated trading. Thx kut2k2.

    I thought to start a new thread on this subject.

    The subject 'Either you believe or you don't. That's the real bottom line.' is in my opinion very powerful and at the heart of trading or any endeavor.

    You have to get there yourself.
    There are a multitude of doubters and naysayers in this world, as well, negativity will result in substandard results.

    Doubting is fine, but you need to work past that, to the point where you either believe or disbelieve.

    If what you believe or disbelieve is false, unless you're lazy or not searching, I'm sure in time it will come around that you will acknowledge another point of view.

    Obviously stubborn stupid people will never see another point of view, it is against their principles to accept another point of view, they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed.

    Positive attitudes, application and faith result in positive outcomes.
  2. Believe in what?:confused:
  3. Yourself.
  4. Oh..Then i,personally,don`t!'The mind naturally questions BS',my favorite quote by Hershey.It was, it is and will always be like that,until you have a realised personality around you.Until then,don`t trust your mind,it will certainly betray you!