Either Obama or McCain Will Be President if....

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  1. They promise to eliminate the IRS....

    and replace with a National Sales Tax....
  2. AND... pass a Constitutional Amendment which prohibits deficit spending except for when war has been declared against the US. (Couldn't have it that the Gummint could deficit spend in ANY war... like ones WE declare... we'd be declaring war against somebody constantly....)
  3. Well, neither is going to promise that, and one of them will still be President! :p
  4. And you know... even the promise of a flat tax probably wouldn't do it.

    After all the majority of taxpayers aren't bitching about their taxes. Why should they? Most pay waaaaayyyy less than their fair share because a few of us pay waaaayyyy more than our fair share. I think they have us just where they want us.
  5. Mike Huckabee will be the next VP and he will make McCain see how superior the FairTax is to our current and ridiculous tax system.

    If the FairTax is passed, the United States will become the super tax haven of the world. With zero corporate income tax, companies from around the world will be tripping over each other to set up shop here. And that's just one of the advantages.
  6. The Latest Eliminate The IRS Survey Says...

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  7. Regardless of who "wins" the election, all of us Americans should invest in chest waders... and hope the "deep sh*t" we're in doesn't overflow the top. :mad:
  8. To Late For That... Its Time For...

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  9. If Obama ever talks about the FairTax, I wouldn't trust him for a nanosecond. It would be all talk for votes. Why would a marxist want to help American companies? Hell, he'd be in his glory to raise the hell out of the capital gains tax.

    How anybody could ever want an anti-capitalist for president is beyond me :confused:

    Oh! I forgot, he's for change!
  10. Support Ron Paul... hes the best candidate to attempt to get rid of the income tax and the IRS...
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