Either i'm tired or there is another problem.

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  1. Hey y'all.

    I have been trading currencies for some years now with a fairly good track record.

    I am constant with an average weekly return that suits my objectives.

    The problem is that - and this may be due to the fact that i have been working hard on it all year, being online every day from 8 AM til 7 PM trading currencies - i am getting a little fed up. I mean, it's become a little bit of a routine (a big one) and i don't feel the vibe i felt a while ago. Again, i might be tired, but if it's not due to exhaustion, and if it's not being solved just by taking a vacation in August, has anyone felt like this. What is the most appropriate thing to do?

    I thought about diversifying, but i am afraid that adapting my strategies might not work that well...
  2. How many weeks of vacation do you take each year?

    Do you have any serious hobbies that has nothing to do with the markets?

    How many hours on average do you sleep each night?

    Are you supporting a family?

    Do you consider yourself in good health and/or in shape (regular exercise)?

    Do you have a reward system each month in which you pay yourself for a job well done?

    I'm just curious because the word exhaustion is a big word for a trader.

    Exhaustion will often produce symtoms (ex. insomnia, not willing to socialize outside of trading, loss of appetite, sore back/arms or eye strains, anger problems et cetera).

  3. Thanks for the post Nihaba.

    Well, i have been so into my "thing" that i have ignored most of my friends. Some of them i lost, but some of them might still be available.

    I am in my mid 20s so i have no family to support.

    I get regular exercise, although i might have to lose a few pounds.

    As a reward, i am so into this compounding thing and i believe my objectives have pushed too far that i really have to live on a very thin line. I basically average some 2.5 - 3.5 % of the acct. / week and in order to accomplish my long term goals, just a bit can be extracted on a constant basis.

    I sleep about 7 hours / night.

    It's a little frustrating, because all i wanted was to be good at what i wanted to do, and now, and i am not saying i am "good" but rather that i am accomplishing the objectives i have set for myself, it seems a little ... well... empty.

    And again, three weeks of vacation might solve it, but what if it doesn't? What shall I do?
  4. Teach someone to trade.

  5. Try to figure out a way to continue achieving your goals while spending less time at the computer doing such.

    Thus, you need to become more efficient or get rid of the wasted time as the computer.

    For example, my profits have dramatically increased in the past year while I'm spending 90 mins less at the computer each trading day to get those profits.

    That 90 mins is usually spend helping spouse with the kids, longer lunch break or just relaxing.

    I also take more days off from the markets to stuff with the family.

    Last of all, try to develop some relationships (friends, fuck friends or serious girlfriend) with the opposite sex (I'm serious).

    In your mid-20's you should be developing a serious hobby or already have one.

  6. Increase the daily profit goal.
  7. excuse me sir

    I have some advice that comes from hard won experience

    First, be very careful about what you post here. Do not post about your personal life...I say this for a reason...You may think you are going to get good advice in return however there are people here whose sole mission is to look for a way beat you down...I guarantee you, this is true...and very unfortunate..use PM's...talk to people whose character is known to you and do not divulge personal information publicly...

    Second..you need to learn a couple of things..you need to decide what is important in your life...and then decide how to prioritize your time....If money is not an issue..great...then you have the luxury of deciding what to do each day from now on...MAKE TIME for the important things in life...for me its

    2.)my health
    3.)my professional

    I do the things I have to do each day, and then I MAKE TIME, for the things that make life worthwhile...

    Take a moment, and a piece of paper and ask yourself

    "what are the things that make my life worthwhile, and how do I fit them into my daily schedule?"

    In my opinion, to be happy, one should be constantly moving towards a goal that they believe is important (one of the four things listed above)...

    Thats the best advice I can give..

    Good luck

  8. achilles28


    I can relate to this. Believe me.

    Thats the red flag. You need good friendships to lead a happy, full life.

    Great friends bring great joy. Many people spend their entire lives just enjoying the company of others (ie PARTYING).

    A good friend will bring out the best in you. In turn, you will appreciate and love yourself even more. A new kind of confidence (social confidence) will stem from that which will open a whole new world of opportunity.....

    I'm in the same boat. Lost a lot of friends in my mid twenties. Finding good ones is harder now.

    My advice - CALL YOUR FRIENDS. Reconnect with your buddies. This includes family.

    Its the things we don't do in life we regret the most.

    This is one of them.

    PS -- look for a prop firm that will support you for FX. If you're consistent, they should back you with more capital than you have. This should accelerate account growth.
  9. Cutting off your friends in your 20s is a mistake, unless you’re a loner by nature, but then you wouldn’t have had those friends to begin with. What’s the point of ‘success’ if you have no one to share it with?

    The best advice I can give you is Balance. Find balance between success/fun/people/exercise/etc. Just apply portfolio diversification theory to life – the point is to be able to rely on other aspects of happiness when another is letting you down.
  10. duh....this is so obvious:
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