EITC = Bull$hit

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  1. This redistribution of wealth was created while a GOP president was in office, and expanded by what some say is the GOP god of the modern era.

    I hate this credit.

    It pays people to lie on their backs and have kids. You see, tax time is coming, and I am hearing these women bragging about how much they are going to get back, knowing I am going to have to write a check.

    It really pisses me off!:mad:

    So I will prolly be a rightie for a few months till I calm down, then I will become more compassionate.

    To you righties out there, how can anyone justify that the GOP presided over this obvious Robin Hood tactic with a straight face?:mad:
  2. By the way, I took everyone off ignore except Jack Hershey's mentally ill stalker. So please, bring it. Tell me how the women I talk about are all black women, I dare you.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    You have been posting in other threads about wanting an answer to this, so hear it is, both parties are bullshit and they often do things that do not properly represent the values of the people within their party. Rayguns was no different.
  4. You've been reading one too many leftist conspiracy theories. The redistribution of wealth was held long before the creation of the US. A thief created it, dumbass! [​IMG]
  5. Not only that, if you mess up your kid, you can get him/her qualified as emotionally disabled and get a monthly check. 6 e.d. kids should net you 2k a month.
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    I did know a guy that subsidized his life as a criminal by milking the system for welfare.. He was Italian and his wife looked Irish maybe.. not the stereotypical people.. he got his kids to act up in school so they got private tutoring...

    The Republicans gave us this stuff under the guise of "Family Values" as I recall.

    I really do not recommend anybody vote for anybody that carries the torch for either of the main two political parties. They are both intellectually impoverished and sewers that pour stuff into our lives with no letup...
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    He like Gene Roddenberry too. :D