Eikon - Any Prop Traders here that use Eikon instead of BBG ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Roaso, Dec 9, 2020.

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    Any Prop Traders here that are Eikon users ? What are your thoughts, and are you using Eikon Messenger a lot?
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    You can get it from www.metastock.com badged as xenith for $99 a month and a messenger account is free.
  3. The messenger is not Eikon but Symphony. It remains to be seen how Eikon and data products will change with Refinitiv in the drivers seat. But a few years back before Reuters sold itself out I found the entire Reuters corporate culture in many ways to be inferior to Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a much more innovation driven place and rewards those who come up with solutions not shortcuts handsomely. Refinitiv has an edge in certain index compilations and perhaps news and some market data but the overall user experience and user friendliness appeared to me to be inferior to bbg terminal.

  4. Yes with zero Realtime subscriptions unless you choose the fx package after which you have to struggle with a horrific fx datafeed that jumps 2 or 3 pips every second. No api access (there was a backdoor but it was shut down a while ago) for xenith. Zero professional support. Most services are blocked and locked in the xenith version. What you have left is a charting platform for historical data and news feeds that you can get for free everywhere else. Not a compelling product imho.

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    Yes thank you, no metastock / retail trader stuff please. Retail news feeds are free and available to all, and contain 20% of the info at a much delayed speed. You get what you pay for.

    I am asking Professional Prop Traders, I'm interested in who are using Eikon over Bloomberg. there must be a few of you out there !
  6. You should ask those who used both. Caveat to my previous post:I used both but a few years ago. Now only bbg terminal. News are better curated imo, better filterable and searchable, bbg chat is the defacto standard not symphony among professional players. Charting on bbg is now on par with Eikon (Eikon had an edge in charting in the past) and bbg comes with all features enabled standard. Big difference to Eikon. Reuters and now Refinitiv are imo dishonest when they hand out discounts and later on rape you on contract specifics. Bbg is very transparent and has never made exceptions in terms of pricing. Never.

    Obviously a biggie is what other ancillary products your company pipes into. Rmds? Bbg pipe? Data licenses for redistribution or calculation of indexes or portfolios or risk management? Trade book?

  7. I use both Eikon and Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg is more useful for global macro, fixed income, and equity research workflows. Eikon is vastly more customizable and has an easier excel plugin structure. Eikon also has a better calendar and industry aggregate app. With Bloomberg you get BI which is helpful to get caught up quickly on a subject.

    What kind of analysis are you looking to do?
  8. I won't open a new topic. I need good sell-side equity research. I made some applications to BBG and Refinitiv(money isn't a question). But i have to admit, no communication from them?No feedback and my application are due 3 weeks already
    Has someone made through some process communicating with them?
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    You pretty much have to be with a proper Buyside firm to access the sell side research. They won't really deal with you if not. If you are a retail trader you will find it very difficult, if not near impossible, and may have to try something like ZacksPro, which actually has research from a few firms, or else use the feeds like StreetAccount or StreetInsider etc etc which give fairly good timely summaries compared to something like Fly.. A lot can be found through google though if you look deep enough. Also: An account with say Wellstrade will get you access to Wells Fargo research.
  10. Thx for your answer. In a short way, i can handle even some "summaries" which is timely added.
    But i cannot find them. Fly is not my cup of tea, when they add 3 hours later DB cuts to hold...or smth. If anyone can give me good advise finding my path i can even compensate some efforts.
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