Eight Consecutive Weeks Up!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by waggie945, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Now that is what I call "The Trend is Your Friend"

    Have a great Weekend everybody!

  2. Waggie, baby, you are sound more and more like the Dick Vitale of Elite Trader. What happened to the analytical rigor.., I read 30-40 cheerleading posts a week from ya now...
  3. I could get used to this bull market thing.
  4. Pabst


    Waggie is the Kramer of the Bay Area.:D :D :D :D :D

    By the way, it's only 52 degrees here right now, cloudy and overcast . . . By the way, I want to establish a separate ET Forum for all of us old farts that are not in their early 20's and have no idea what their doing . . . My New Year's Resolution for ET was to stay out of Chit-Chat and I also want to avoid pissing-matches with the youngsters on this site that have huge egos.
    It's totally absurd and tremendously counter-productive.

    What say you?
  6. Gentleman,

    This 20 something has something to add.
  7. Nice to see you once again!
    You are always welcome in our discussion, my friend.
    But I think that I have seen that chart somewhere before, no?

  8. Maybe you have. Is that legal?
  9. samaras


    Intersting so I did a quick study on the DJ from 1933 until today, weekly data from Yahoo. Enter on close after 8 higher closes in the row and exit on next weeks friday. 27 trades - 14 winners - 13 losers. Average loss of all trades = -0.22% - no other cost/slippage.
    I also ran all stocks from the Dow30 and the results where somehow confirmed negative. No tradeable pattern.