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  1. no, that's not the new curse word, it's (was) a japanese hedge fund that lost close to 300 million in seven days. about 50% of this amount was an investment by george soros. can anyone direct me to more information concerning eifuku ??


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    Soros, best known as "The Man Who Broke the Pound" for betting against sterling in 1992 until London pulled out of the European currency grid that prefigured the euro single currency, heads the $7 billion Quantum Endowment Fund and numerous other investment vehicles.

    He had faded from the forefront of the investment world after his Quantum Fund was hammered by huge losses in April 2000 due to an ill-timed move into high-tech stocks. He then reorganized his funds and farmed out Quantum's portfolio to outside managers.

  4. actually marketsurfer... think u gt something there..

    it MAY become a curse word; someone screws up royally in anything that cost others money and you shout:

    you "EIFUKU"!! (rather than F-you)

    or something like that... .:D

  5. funny ! can you imagine the position size and risk level to loose 300 million in seven days ?? wonder what happened to the risk management department ? bet there is much more than meets the eye with EIFUKU.

  6. i was hearing things about a rogue trader using huge leverage.
  7. probably so... but still inexcusable. In how many days... ???!!! ::eek:

    Beardstown Ladies could do better
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    Mr Soros is having such a bad run of luck.

    Where can I send my money to help him out ?