ehler's Cybernetic analysis for stocks and futures

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    I recently read and programmed a few of John Ehler's indicators from his book "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures" in E-signal. Unfortunately the program(s) do not appear to work?!?

    I think it may be my programming but I couldn't figure out the bug? Anybody else try these programs from the book? If so what was your experience?

    I'm not usually big on indicators of any kind but these seem like very good no lag indicators.

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    Yep, a real roach motel. There are erata sheets for some of his books.

    Much better is to search the web for working examples. has most of Ehlers stuff and there is some on Wealth-Lab as well.

    You can also search Stock & Commodities mag articles where most of his stuff was published with working source code.

    If you compare working source to the source in the books you will find 'serious' changes and improvements.

    At the end of the day will his no lag indicators help a lot? I don't think so. If you are having a 'lag' concern, use 2 moving averages (ema fast & slow) instead of one that promises no lag. Just as good, easier on the cpu as well.

    Just my opinion.
    :) Good luck
  3. I also have this book and read it cover to cover. I have to say it was worth reading, if only from an intellectual-broadening sense, but the actual substance provided does not work out of the box. For instance, his results for his no-lag MAs on the Yen (I think it was the yen...) were not replicatable in Tradestation.

    It's worth reading because it gives some alternative paths to look down for your own trading, but don't expect the stuff to work directly out of the book.

    If you want a useful "fancy" moving average, I'd look to Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average; low lag, solid premise, no over-use of technical ideas simply because he spent years getting a phD in EE.
  4. Just point your browser to this joint

    and download his:

    - Powerpoint Seminars
    - Technical Papers

    The errata to his books should be on this site as well.

    You're welcome. :)
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    A collective thanks for all your replies.

  6. Duard.......I use the indicators set on exponentially weighted moving average.....these indicators are more reactive than most and they usually produce repetitive patterns and deliver what and when they promise....or maybe just the years of staring at charts makes the difference....if I'm not smart enough to know I'm off topic excuse me...........happy trading
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    Did anybody coded the Cybernetic indicators to MQL4 (Metatrader)?