Egyptians only making $2 per day average

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  1. I read this recently and thought wtf? Why dont they go out and create their own jobs? If I was in egypt I would be pushing a falafel cart through this crowd and retire by next week. Apparently nobody has had this idea yet which i guess is why most egyptians only make $2 per day.

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  2. 3 billion people earn $2 per day. So there should be worldwide revolution.
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    The world is sitting on a powder keg getting really to blow. The radical Muslims have fertile conditions from which to recruit.

    This is the global economy that the free traders proclaims that the USA should be able to be competitive. They be right in a few more years as more people in the USA are falling below the poverty level.
  4. That is not true

    The egypt per capita income is $27 per day.

    I find these guys making a lot of noise but when a shot is being fired they all shout and run away like a bunch of sissies
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    They may come back with guns instead of rocks!!!
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    that is lucky for the Israelis. or as an american general once asked Dayan why are the Israelis so successful fighting the arabs and we americans have so much problems fighting the vietnamese. Dayan repliedthe arabs are not vietnamese.
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    In my opinion, he had it wrong. The real reason is the Americans are not the Israelis.
  8. No they won't, they are to scared to do that. Like most moslim nations. Besides a few, it's all about a lot of noise, nothing more.
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    +1 both scenarios are correct.
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    How much you going to sell your falafels for if they are making $2 per day?
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