Egyptian lovefest did not last long, 6 killed in Muslim-Christian Clashes

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  1. 6 killed in Muslim-Christian clashes in Egypt
    Two sides fight four-hour pitched battle using guns, clubs and knives

    CAIRO — At least six people have been killed in clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo, security and hospital officials said Wednesday.

    The officials said the clashes took place late Tuesday night and those involved used guns, clubs and knives, they added. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

    The clashes began when several thousand Christians protested against the burning last week of a church in a Cairo suburb by a Muslim mob.

    The protesters blocked a vital highway, burning tires and pelting cars with rocks.

    An angry crowd of Muslims set upon the Christians and the two sides fought pitched battles for about four hours.

    The six killed were believed to be mostly Christians.
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    Just a taste of where the world is headed.
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  4. Based on what do you disagree?

    Officials in Egypt say clashes between Muslims and Christians in Cairo have left at least 13 people dead and 140 wounded.

    Violence erupted on Tuesday night in the Cairo suburb of Mokattam when Christian Copts blocked a highway to protest at the burning of a church last week.

    Hundreds of Egyptian Christians were on the streets of Cairo today in protest

    Why did they burn the church to begin with?
  5. Whatever I say, you will turn it around to promote your hate agenda, but the truth is completly differnt than what surfaced.
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    Of course, you do. You're olias.
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  8. To please Allah.
  9. Not even close.
  10. These are the facts:

    1- on March 7th, The transitional Egyptian government decided to freeze all of the previous regime’s assets within Egypt and instructed other countries throughout the world to do the same in perpetration of returning them back to Egypt;

    2- At the second the attack happened on the Egyptian church, another attack took place in Al Tahrir square. Witnesses in these two areas testified that the attacks were coordinated and very organized. in both places, thugs penetrated the area around the church and the crowds in Tahrir Square and out of a sudden, and as if they had a "Zero hour", they launched their attacks simultaneously;

    3- The attack on the church was so organized that the attackers had bulldozers on a standby. These bulldozers moved in a very coordinated way and demolished the church. This, in itself, never happened before in the history of Egypt;

    4- Witnesses testified that many of the thugs involved in the church attack were the same people who were engaged in intimidating campaigns during the so called "Parliament elections" during Mubarak time. These thugs were engaged in similar attacks against voters in areas where there was a potential that opposition candidates might win their ridings;

    5- The military mobilized right away and gave chase and managed to capture many of these thugs. After investigating these thugs, it was found out that they were either Mubarak's secret services or prisoners who were let go by the regime during the uprising;

    6- The shocking part was that these thugs admitted under interrogations that they received generous payouts and orders by men belonging to the following people:
    a- Safwat Al Sharif, Leader of the NDP (Mubarak's National Democratic Party)
    b- Ahmed Fathey Sorour, the head of the dissolved parliament, and
    c- Ibrahim Fadi, a high ranking member of the NDP and Jamal Mubarak's business partner.

    7- Some of the documents found in the Central security building, clearly implicated Habib Al Adly, the interior minister of being directly involved in the Alexandria Two Saints bombing a month and a half ago;

    8- As we are speaking, the military is looking for, literally, hundreds of ex secret police members who went underground as soon as some of their comrades were captured;

    9- The transitional governoment issued a bulletin stating that they know exactly who was behind the attacks and that their attempt of carrying a counter revolution will fail; and

    10- Yesterday, Muslim Imams in the church's neighbourhood held, what could be considered Khutbah (The Khutbah is only held after Friday's prayer, except in emergency cases) and instructed their followers to re-build the church for their Christian brothers.

    Now I know these facts will not go well with the zionists in here, who orgasmed over what happened, but these are the exact circumstances surrounding the events.
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