Egyptian border guards murder African refugees

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  1. Egyptian border guards shot dead an Eritrean man trying to cross the border into Israel, Egyptian police sources said on Monday.

    The Sinai route is the main conduit for smugglers trying to take Africans into Israel for work or asylum, but the Egyptian guards have opened fire on many of them, killing at least four Africans so far this year.

    At the end of July, the Egyptian police shot and killed a Sudanese refugee trying to make it into Israel. The woman who was killed, Haja Abbas Haron, was a 28-year-old fleeing the genocide in Darfur.

    In August, Israel Defense Forces soldiers witnessed the killing of three other Sudanese refugees by the Egyptian Border Police.

    When the IDF soldiers spotted a group of three refugees trying to cross the Sinai border, they used a flare to signal to the Egyptian police. The Egyptian police arrived at the scene, killed one of the refugees and injured another.

    The third refugee began to climb the border fence and the IDF soldiers tried to pull him to the Israeli side. When the Egyptians resumed shooting, the IDF soldiers let go of the refugee, who was caught by the Egyptians. The IDF soldiers then witnessed the Egyptian police beat the injured refugee to death.