Egypt will blow up did you see brian williams face he is in shock..

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  1. the euro will come down money into dollar equities down 4-5%
  2. is he heavily Short?
  3. You guys are going to think I'm trolling but I truly believe this: Egypt is a non-event.
  4. isnt worse if mubarak leaves? the egyptians will not accept anyone as a head if they consider him a puppet
  5. SPX at new highs agrees with you
  6. clacy


    I'm not sure Egypt really matters. They don't have a ton of oil and they're a pretty small economy. Now, if this type of thing spills over into other countries, or if a Taliban-like crew takes over, there could definitely be long term consequences, but for now = no biggie
  7. all others countries in the world are raising rates and russia just raised bank reserves. its seems that all countries are afraid of inflation except the us
  8. That's all that matters right? The central planners certainly would love alot more guys like you.
  9. Wake me when gold worries about Edgewipeit.

  10. Oil matters to an extent , lots of tankers pass through the canal , check out Brent.
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