Egypt-Israel gas pipeline on fire after explosion

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bearice, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Wow that little explosion at a gas terminal way over on the other side of the world caused an immediate increase of 18 cents a gallon at my local gas station.

    Damn these markets are efficient. ;) (sic)
  2. The world is a global village. Who is responsible?
  3. Did somebody overlay a cigarette lighter against a photograph? :confused: :eek: :(
  4. fucking hard to get a clean picture of the Flame of Liberty ...

    This is the best I could find :


    Is it still burning :confused:

    2 points :

    if sabotage... no big deal... ( It will at least permit to everyone to discuss the prices that Isreal had to pay for its natural gaz... I heard about a cost of 0.70-1.20 when the production cost what around 2.60 and that other countries were selling at around 10.00 )
    if not... You can't be ready for what's coming... No way ever, or at least not in your sense... :D
  5. When there are more sabotage and gas pipeline explosions it will be big deal.
  6. The utility company was saying Sunday that it wasn't a sabotage :D

    But I clearly agree that with such a big Flame of Liberty it will hard to find concret evidence for what really happened :D
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