Egypt is next. Regime struggling for control, blocks Twitter.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Enter muslim brotherhood.
  2. No John, enter the left. What you see in the thousands in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Fayoum, Gizah, and others are Arab Nationalists and Leftists.

    Brotherhood Muslims are in retreat and in the case of Al Gizah, they were chased out. It is about time that we claim the streets from these dictatorship governments and political Islam.

    Also wilbur, you did not see what happened today in Jordan and Algeria. I bet Clinton cannot rely on the Brotherhood fuckers to aid the dictatorship regimes there like they did before. Yes ladies and gents, the American admin, Republicans and Democrats, rely on these fuckers.
  3. Welcome to the Arabic/Islamic revolution. Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad are the outcomes of the will of the muslims.
  4. To me, I see a zionist using hot bottoms and key words promoted by his zionist controlled media, adding them together and presenting them to all the brainwashed monkeys on this forum so that they could be used as the fuel for Israel's next war against the Arab peoples.
  5. Of course that's what it looks like to you, everything looks like Zionist propaganda and Zionist conspiracy to you and your Islamo-Nazi ilk. No surprises here. It kinda makes it easy for you to ignore the fact that your tribe has made absolutely no contribution to humanity and civilization in the last millennium and that all arab states and virtually all muslim states on the planet are corrupt and intolerable dictatorships and theocracies. You're too busy pointing fingers at Israel to look at yourself in the mirror (I know, it's a scary proposition), anyway you of all people should not be the one talking about brainwashed monkeys.
  6. If the "people" took control of these countries believe me nobody would ever support the dictators however, I think we all can agree once the dust settles hezbollah, muslim brotherhood, taliban etc. will end up taking control.

    Why do you ignore China? They provide a great deal of support to these dictators?

    Is China not apart of the great zionist conspiracy against arab peoples?


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  8. pspr


    Good luck to them. I'm sure Iran has it's proxies there ready to turn any new government to their advantage.