Egypt: Court sentences Christian to 6 years for posts insulting Prophet Muhammad and

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pupu, Sep 18, 2012.

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    The 10% of the population that are Christians were pretty much protected under Mubarak. But under the islamists, they are lambs that will at some point be slaughtered in the streets.
  3. Well that settles it, I'm taking a vacation in Egypt off my bucket list.
  4. Won't be long before President Obama, May Allah send prayers and peace upon him, (can't be too careful now days), orders the same punishment here in this country for speaking ill of the Prophet Muhammad.
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    That Executive Order is set to go into effect in February 2013. That's another reason Obama needs to become a private party on January 20th. (I won't use the term 'private citizen' until we see a legitimate birth certificate)