Ego and the ET Poster

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  1. Is it just me or does ET seemed to be dominated of late by egotists only concerned in bragging about their so-called brilliant performance or making big market calls for their own self aggrandisement so other people will tell them how great they are.

    A few examples seem to be as follows:

    Look for an up equity market next week

    Who is making major moolah?

    If you couldn't Coin Money Today as a Trader, 98% chance you will never be able to

    Black Monday ?? (although this thread seemed more legit to me due to prior market action that may not have made this a probable outcome but certainly a possible one)

    Look for the Market to tank 300 pts today, Bull Trap!

    It's pretty easy to trade in this market

    Maybe it is due to the market trending strongly a lot of the time lately, which normally only happens a few times a month but at the moment is happening a few times a week. So, some people get overexcited.

    This is not meant to be too critical. However, how much money one makes is irrelevant as is whether you get one market call right. The only relevant thing in trading is does your edge have positive expectancy in a variety of different trading environments and do you follow your trading plan?

    It would be nice to have some more educational threads as opposed to these pissing competitions which are a waste of time and space.


    Good post. Given that so many of the posts occur during the trading day I question if many of those "making calls" even trade. Last, any decent, successful trader isn't going to go around bragging about how much $$ they made or making a call that was correct. I read these threads at the end of the day primarily for humor and to unwind after trading.
  3. it's pretty much 'internet syndrome'

    there are on occasion, some brilliant ideas in some of these threads - the ability to add charts really helps

    but you have to wade through so much crap written by jerks that it's questionable if it's worth it. i've taken some pretty long breaks from these forums, and i cant say it's hurt me any
  4. ktm


    These are kids, newbies and pikers for the most part.
  5. Agreed.

    I just browsed through some of these threads and couldn't find the humor anymore (in the past I could but now it is getting really old).

    No content lately, just pissing, bragging and sarcasm.

    On a side note - why doesn't Baron start a "bragging" forum - for all those who actually care to post about their "amazing" performance.:p Kind of like chit chat but where all the useless "I made this much $ today" BS goes.

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    The point is, who cares. Are these posts going to help your trading? Should you deviate from your own trading plan because of them?

    In the end, does it really matter whether they were right or wrong? How will that affect your bottom line? - It doesn't even matter if you are right or wrong in any particular trade; as long as your method or system is right more often than it is wrong, overall, then you are ahead.
  7. Exactly.
    That is why ET is a complete waste of time.
    It is for "entertainment" purposes only and the morons like James Stock who still live with their Mommy.


  8. It is interesting to note the expansion in range has bought out all the egotists who are 'coining it'. If one was on ET in 1998 it must have been a dreadful place given the recent relationship between range expansion and ego threads.

    Never mind, the trader that is not humble will soon be humbled by the market. It is just a question of time.
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    Do stop being such a pious git.

    Who made you the omnipitant god of trading?

    If you think being humble makes you a better trader, then good luck to you in humble land. But don't try telling me I'm in for it.
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    Good call London...this sites had its day...overrun by ego/testosterone....adolescents running their mouths...(reminds me of the Liffe floor 10 yrs ago) and truth is your probably right in that most of them will be humbled at some point soon and won't make it to adulthood, they'll just disappear back to McDonalds!

    until recently it was mildly entertaining now its just plain dull!!

    peace & profit
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