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  1. If I eat one boiled egg per day-will it be harmful or affect my cholesterol ? Thanks for your opinion.
  2. likely
  3. I doubt you'll be negatively affected.

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  7. good post Banjo.
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    It's well documented in current medical research that there is virtually no link between dietary cholesterol and blood serum cholesterol.

    I personally eat an average of 3-5 eggs a day and 5 lbs of red meat a week and my recent blood work showed my 'good' cholesterol was at the top of the range and my 'bad' cholesterol was off the chart below the normal range.

    So much of the dietary information pushed on us is agenda driven and/or based on terribly conducted research, usually funded by the companies that stand to benefit from it. Objective, open-minded research on nutrition is a real eye opener.

  9. thats a lot of meat & eggs
    what are your absolute values if we might inquire?
    (since you brought it up)

    TCHOL ?
    LDL ?
    HDL ?
    TriG ?

    fill in the blanks please

    And, do you know your A1C per chance?

  10. guess thats a big fat no on the truth :D
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