Eggs back on the naughty list?

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  2. i stopped reading after this..

    "a recent study suggesting that regularly eating yolks is almost as bad for your arteries as smoking "

    common sense tells you this is the dumbest statement ever.
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    I have to say, WHO CARES! Cripes my Dad lived to 89 eating lard sandwiches when he was a kid and using most of a stick of butter on his sandwiches througout his life. Eggs, oh yea he ate eggs for breakfast, and bacon, and buttered toast.
    My Mom made 87, but suffered strokes from about 80 on. I will eat and do what I want. I have had enough of the what is good for me gang. I can pay for a study to say Arby's will make me live an extra 10 years. If I had a nickel for all the studies that contradicted themselves I'd be retired 5 years ago. Hell, coffee is good for me, red wine(wine is for fruits, my 2 cents), red meat will add years, a vegie diet, I may live forever. Money buys you an opinion of how long you will live. Common sense tells you what is right.
    Cripes my best friends Mom smoked a pack a day until she was 80. 2 Heartattacks, and she kept smoking another 5 years. I don't know, maybe she would have lived forever if she didn't smoke.
    I would like to remove any federal money from these useless studies. I don't know about you, but I can figure out when I am doing something that may not be the best for me living forever.
  4. brilliance in action. screw the science. those pictures of a smokers lungs all shrivlled up and black are faked anyhow.
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    Oh wait, where was it I said it was all false? Oh that's right I didn't. I am just saying that we all make choices, and some seem to live well past the phony crap that various groups throw out about how long you will live. My friends Mom didn't have a great quality of life for the last 5 years, at the same time she was well past normal life expectancy for her, as was my Dad and Mom.
    We have too many special interest groups selling stories about drink this, don't do this, inhale this, don't inhale that, and you will live forever. Or at the least you will run a 6 minute mile, lift twice your weight, have a hard on to pound nails, etc. I am tired of the b.s., I accept I haven't lived in a bubble, I will die, and I may need medical help along the way.
    Get a grip, I will fly planes, I will skydive, I will ride my cycle, as well as walk across the street. I may die doing one of those also, oh well, I guess I'd rather live than die before I die.
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    Can you imagine what our president's lungs must look like after smoking pot by the kilo?
  7. blah. If you generally eat healthy and aren't overweight, you can eat eggs. I go through periods where i can eat 15+ yolks per week, followed by a couple of weeks where i might eat only a couple, then repeat. My cholesterol is under 150

    it probably has to do with the fact i'm not a fatass like most Americans or Canadians (where that study was done)
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    Oh yea, I hate eggs, they taste like shit to me. I guess that should add what, 5-8 years to my life. Wait, ocassionally I smoke a cigar, so minus 3 years, but I do run every other day, and lift the other days, so add 6-8 years. Crap, I drink Guinness probably every other day, so crap minus 3 years again, Oh wait it has a small iron content so better than crappy Miller/Coors, or Buttholeweiser, add back 1 year. I trade for living that is stress, minus 3 years again, but I take off when I want and play with my kids, so add back 1 year. Studies indicate being married causes you to live longer, so +5 again, my opinion, married may actually be -3 years.
    Wow, where does that leave me. I guess I may keel over tommorow or live to 90+, or somewhere in between. Stress of figuring out how long I will live, a big 0, I don't care, amybe that gives me a plus 10.
    :D :D :D
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    Oh hell, you just reminded me of all the crap I did in high school and college. I guess I am all ready dead and writing from the damn grave. I hate that! :D
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