EFX just raised guidence by a mile

Discussion in 'Trading' started by executioner, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. EFX Equifax guides Q2 & FY07 EPS above consensus (42.33 -0.01)

    Co issues upside guidance for Q2 (Jun), sees EPS of $0.55-0.57 vs. $0.54 Reuters Estimates consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY07 (Dec), sees EPS of $2.25-2.33 vs. $2.19 consensus.

    17:01 EFX guides Q2 & FY07EPS above consensus
  2. This is interesting to me. Because this company is in the credit reporting business, an expected increase leads me to ponder why?

    Is it because that personal income contracted and spending is strong, thus leading more people to apply for credit to meet the gap?

    Or is it because of coming tighter lending standards to come, making lenders actually look at application scores?

    Possibly a run on rentals and low end housing as people get foreclosed on?

    Maybe a combination of these things. Anyway you slice it, it doesn't look supportive for the broad economy when a credit reporter ups guidance.
  3. its some nice guidence..especially full year..i expect to see 44-45 tomorrow.