EFX Group or OANDA?

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  1. EFX Group or OANDA? asking this as a quick base to begin my reserach, just pressed for time over the next few days. I'm ready to go with OANDA after using the demo account for a few months......but now looking at EFX Group with e-signal because of the programming capabilities. Anyone using this setup? Thanks folks in advance.
  2. I am with EFX and also use eSignal. However, I don't use any of the programming you're talking about. I do know that EFX is coming out with their own free charting program within a month which will be nice.

    Have not had any complaints with EFX. No problem getting in and out of trades, etc.
  3. EFX does not offer any free charts at
    the moment ?
  4. Yes and no. If you sign up with EFX Arizona branch, and trade a certain amount per month, they will pay for your eSignal subscription.

    I've been told they are soon to release their own charting which should be in sync with their feed, within a month.
  5. Thanks folks, as well as those "PM"ing me. Just had a couplle minutes to check this and say thanks. I'll be back on line later in the week.
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    Just got through downloading the EFX Group Demo trading platform.

    I thought I would give this a try since they are affiliated with MB Trading and I like the fact that they don't have a dealing desk to trade against you.

    Will give it a try and give you guys some feedback soon.

  7. Hello,

    Are MB trading and EFX using the same trading platform and ECN ? If yes what are the advantages of using EFX rather than MB trading? Which one is a better broker choice?


  8. I don't believe EFX/MBT is an ECN model. I think they would like you to believe it.
  9. riskarb:

    can you elaborate on why you dont believe that?

    Im looking for a new broker, im trying to decide between Hotspot retail, MB and IB. Everyone bitches about MB, i guess i will end up at Hotspot, altho i like the MB-plattform for their functionality.
  10. Mini lots to 15mil units in mini-lot increments? Also, they're vauge about the ECN model.
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