Efuture - What In The Hell Happened Here?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. This looks like 1999-2000 all condensed within a few days.
  2. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ZVUE

    Here is another one? Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I should just put my market scanner on the largest gainers and jump aboard the first freight train I see. This is just not logical.
  3. somebody cornered a low float stock and squeezed some shorts.
  4. crack whore zvue run another 30% in ah. this crap is always bot up like there was no tomorrow, efut the same, higher lows/higher highs for 3 sessions in ah. next train i see am gonna step in front of it.

    watch out for another 100% gains on zvue tomorrow, very likely.
  5. I think this is more then some short covering going on.

    This feels more like irrational exuberance starting to happen. IB has a market scanner and I can scan the market for the biggest gainers. By 10am, there should be a nice list. Then carefully research the list that appears.
  6. scan for top trade count in premkt. those listed there are the ones attractin' the most interest and likely to move like nutz. top trade rate durin' the session.
  7. Do you honestly think this will hold?
  8. it's not uncommon, infact this stuff usually not only does hold but open 20-30% higher in premkt. well it's aready up 30% from close, ror.
  9. you never can tell which ones will hold or which ones will tank. that is the fun part.
  10. This freight train seems a little scandolous almost like EFuture. I bet some people thought that it was some type of futures exchange.

    Someone had to have lost their shirt today on EFUT.
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