Efoora...vote - scam or no scam.

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  1. since it's unlikely i'll get many responses to my other post, i thought it would be more fun to do a poll.

    here's the situation (true);

    friend of mine was out, talking to some guy who said he was a lobbyist at a brokergage firm that was bringing this company Efoora public. the Efoora website and other very brief mentions elsewhere state that they are in late stages of the first instant home HIV test (meaning you don't have to send it into a lab like other recently released products), and they are supposably coming out with other such tests (such as one for herpes).

    my buddy asked me to look into this and for the most part, all i can only find is their website, and a bunch of threads on message boards, which were all seemingly started by someone affiliated with the company.

    not sure what to make of it. i'll check with the SEC, but just wondering if anybody else has access to some resources, such as some IPO websites, etc, where i could get some information and what they think.

    also, this guy had packets of information with him, at a bar, which alone is shady. plus, a lobbyist can't solicit business, and i don't think he offered a prospectus. of course, he offered to get him in before it comes to market. my friend knows less than nothing about the stock market, so i may have incomplete or inaccurate facts.

    anyway, if anybody has heard of this or can dig up anything, i'd appreciate it. clearly, i think this is garbage and would never do anything like this, but i'd like to steer my friend into some information for his benefit.
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    Boiler room was a pretty cool movie, imho.

    Here's the website for Efoora, http://www.virotek.com/EFOORA/
    Go to products and then look at the HIV testing kit
  3. here's an adendum to this story. a few years ago this same guy was also approached by someone who claimed that he knew of a company that was poised to blow up. it manufactured retractable hypodemeric needled!!! just like the scam in boiler room! how funny is that?????

    also, someone we actually both know, AND HIS MOTHER, approached us saying that they knew the founders of a company called seview (spelling?), and they manufactured underwater cameras. that it was poised to blow up. i looked up this company and it indeed trades for like 50 cents on 800 shares a day. can you say, pump and dump scam? hahahah

    i swear all of this is true. i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried.