eFloorTrade vs. IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by dkamp, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. dkamp

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    How does eFloorTrade compare with IB (as a futures broker)?

    Here's what I've been told so far about eFloorTrade:

    - $5.95/RT if $20,000 in account (cleared by GNI)
    - $13/RT if less than $20,000 (cleared by Man)
    - no other fees
    - J-Trader used for executions
    - fast quotes and fills (1 second)
    - access to international markets
    - APIs for automated trading
    - have been in existence about 1.5 years

    Can anyone confirm or add to this info?
    How does J-Trader compare to TWS?
    What's the catch?

  2. Bob777


    I just called them to confirm, the $5.95 R/T does not include clearing fees and that it would be an additional $2.32 for the emini's.

    Take a look at http://www.elocaltrading.com

    - $3 + 2.32 fees r/t
    - $7.5K minimum balance
    - J-Trader platform
    - Must have minimum of $500 in commissions.

    min $500/mo of commish! at least with IB you don't start to ask yourself whether you are a sucker feeding some crooked futures broker.
  4. dkamp

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    For sake of clarity, eFloorTrade and eLocalTrading are completely different brokers, with the rates described above, who happen to both use J-Trader as their execution platform.
  5. jgan

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    take a look at www.elocaltrading.com

    They've done away with the $500 monthly commission minimum.
    They offer fair rates with volume discounts and I've heard that their J-TRADER electronic access and their customer service blows away IB's
  6. dkamp

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    jgan: So what are eLocal's latest rates (having apparently changed from just last week when I talked to them)?

    Has anyone been using both J-Trader and IB's TWS? How do these compare? (Other than fact that IB now charges for quotes, while these other brokers do not...)
  7. tymjr


  8. Just a reminder... not all J-Trader platforms are created equal!

    The performance of J-Trader depends on the FMC that hosts it... so when we're comparing J-Trader, we should qualify who's infrastructure the platform is on.

    From my experience, J-Trader on PMB is good but the one offered by Man sucks...

    tymjr, you seem to like your J-Trader over IB, who's platform was it on?
  9. LMeyers


    Has anyone here actually tried elocal?

    I am thinking about opening a backup account with them and would really appreciate some comments about their service/attitude/integrity, etc. - especially from people who have had firsthand experience in dealing with them.

  10. dkamp

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    For those interested, it looks like the PMB/PropTrader site has a good, downloadable manual for J-Trader.

    Okay, so any thoughts on which of above is best J-Trader based broker (PMB vs. eLocal vs. eFloor)? What are PMB's rates?
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