Effective Use of Leverage

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  1. How does one determine when/how to exit a trade that's been placed via a pyramid or pillar strategy?
  2. What's a pillar strategy?

    I know they make pyranids in Egypt.
  3. Pyramid = geometric (1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16) - larger scaling in
    Pillar = arithmetic (1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) - basic scaling in
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    This is more of the rubbish that is put out for traders to suck up!

    You exit a trade quickly when the price moves against you!

    You also exit a trade quickly when the price moves for you, but then stops moving.

    Leave the pyramids where they are, buried in the sand!
  5. I make 20-30% and I am out. Too much greed and you walk out without your shirt

  6. my first thought is using a martingale strategy playing roulette.

    the attempt is to capture one unit... if you place 10k at risk for each bet.. then you are looking for at least even money.

    in roulette the column bets pays 2-1.. after 5 rolls without a column i initate the martingale. the fact that its 2-1 lets you play [3] $10 bets.. and breakeven by hitting the third bet... the goal is to hit on the first bet.

    after 5 misses.. create a progressive martingale starting with the table min. 10-12-25-52-55-125-140-300.. hitting on any of these bets will pay out... meaning you will recuperate previous loses and make a profit. i'm sure we could calculate a more efficient string... in roulette, if luck is on your side.. you can be a big winner.. at trading instruments?? with commissions?? idk and you get free drinks at a casino