Effective Monday, stocks with market cap under $100M will be non-marginable at IB

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    Margin Increase for Small Capitalization Stocks

    Sep 26, 2008 18:58 EDT

    Effective 12:00 (noon) on Monday 29 September, margin rates for many stocks with low market capitalization (under $100 million USD) will increase from the default margin requirements [maintenance margin @ 25%, initial margin @ 50%, short margin @ 30%]. The new minimum margin requirements for these small-cap stocks will be:
    * maintenance margin: 100% (non-marginable)
    * initial margin: 100%
    * short margin: 100%

    Now I need to get a complete list of all stocks that have market cap under $100M for my Monday's trading. Yahoo's market cap numbers are not complete, for example, CRYP's market cap is shown as N/A, and many others. Can anyone give suggestions of ways to get a complete(or somewhat) list of stocks that have market cap under $100M?
  2. OMG is this a joke?? Never peace from IB
  3. Where did this appear, no email here.
  4. Get ready, this is just the start of the "restrictions" on
    Intrad Day trading. The "Political Body" has it out for "Day traders" and Hedgefunds.

    This action by IB is just them getting things under control before the full front attack comes from Washington.

    It will be interesting to see where Intra-Day trading on the
    Day trading Model ends up in a few months.
  5. No joke. I started up TWS, and this bulletin came right up flashing bloody red.
  6. C'mon guys.

    We talk 100MM market cap, not volume/day, all these stocks represent less than 5% of total exchange volume.
  7. I dont see the bulletin, anyone see it or not?
  8. Probably because your account doesn't hold any positions that are affected. My account does.
  9. Screenshot of the bulletin:
  10. galiano


    That's even worse!

    Better know market-cap of the stocks you want to trade before waste time watching/analyzing before TRYING to execute an order.
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