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  1. I don't understand why this ETF is down almost 2% premarket this morning. The futures are up slightly, and this ETF is representative of many US indexes, is it not? So why is it down 2% when the futures are up? There is no dividend for this ETF, so that doesn't explain it.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    AMEX description of this ETF:

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  2. EFA is not representative of US indexes. It is representative of Europe, Australia, and the far east.
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    Again if you own ETFs that are paying Dividends you need to pay attention.
  4. Well ok, but the biggest world index drop that I see is currently 0.4% (I'm probably not viewing them all, but I'm viewing at least the top ten world indexes), but EFA is down 1.8%.

    And as I said before, it has no dividend, so why is it down so much?

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    Its actually up a few ticks. Scared me as well!
  6. Why would you say there is no dividend when it mentions YIELD?
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    Most of the ETFS do pay a dividend. Go to the website which deals with these ETFs, its all listed there. Same people were questioning the Proshare ETFs yesterday.
  8. ex-dividend day is today .

  9. Oh sorry, was looking here at Dividend information


    For dividend it said "n/a" which made me think there was no dividend. But right under that it says "Dividend yield 1.5%" which I missed at first glance.

    Wow, so $1.53 dividend today. Is that quarterly or yearly? Maybe it's a one-time dividend or something? It appears to be 2% of the stock price, but they claim the dividend yield is only 1.5%. Hmmm. I guess I don't understand that.

    Any answers? Why is the dividend 2% of the stock price but the "dividend yield" is only 1.5%? And is the dividend yearly or quarterly? If the dividend is quarterly, that means they would give out close to 8% per year! So that must not be right, lol.

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  10. Annual dividend. One payment.
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