Eex - Wtf?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by HappyJoe, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. HappyJoe


    EEX is terrible when it comes to handling complaints, 5 of us complained to the EEX and they just do nothing, or handle it like as if we doing business in China, corrupt, ignorant and autocratic.
    EEX should have been handled by the Brits or Dutch, Germany should stick to making cars. Does anyone else have problems with EEX? I know 8 people in total that cant stand eex.
  2. yes crap access system which is prone to errors
    their cleared pwr markets r much less liquid than the phys otc mkts
    trayport is giving u access for eex as well
  3. HappyJoe


    Yes oh thats the worst, liquidity. Terrible, its as if the whole of EEX is a cheesy college assignment going wrong.
    And the communication is just insulting. Everyone in the world has moved on since 1930, even those in Germany...............but not the EEX staff.

    Seriously we had a vote here and more than 20 traders agreed with me. You go to a nice restaurant u tell 1 or 2 people its nice. You go to a bad restaurant and u tell the world.
  4. do you trade pwr, eua's tru eex?
    if so contact me