EEI (nasdaq) - 1.5 mln float undiscovered Clean Air / Environment stock

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  1. US Ecology and Environment Inc (EEI) is an environmental consulting and testing firm. With the Obama Administration making themselves champions of “energy saving” and “clean air”, EEI should be one of the big winners.
    The stock recently moved from AMEX to the Nasdaq market and has a float of only 1.5 million shares:

    EEI also pays a dividend and recently declared 20 cent dividend, a 5% increase, and the 14th increase in 22 years. They now have a yield of about 2.75% percent.
    On the chart level, EEI is trading above 10/20/30/50/200 - Day moving averages and the RSI and Stochastics are just starting to rise. The stock is no way overbought and trading volume is starting to increase:

    The Point & Figure chart is predicting a $24 target, and VectorVest has a $23 valuation target on it.,P

    Once this stock is noticed, and due to its real earnings growth, EEI should reach mid $20's easily.

    More info can be found on EEI website: