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  2. clicking on links can pass the same thing. Based on the topic I'll pass. lol On the other hand I talked to a parent who explained in too much detail how the stomach flu had run through the extended family over break. I am not offended by poop talk or any of that crap(lol, so to speak, but couldn't resist), but what she described made take a step or two away from her while she was talking. She said a couple docs had said this stuff was going around and pretty vicisous.
  3. The first thing that comes to mind:

    Might this be caused by the new and improved "water saving toilet"? It is my understanding the industry is coming out with variations of toilets that increase water pressure to compensate for less water.

    Either you need a volume of water to push the waste down the tubes or air pressure.

    The old toilets were designed for (I think) 3 1/2 gallons of water to provide a good flush. Why? Because that worked best, then the gov't comes to our rescue and f's things up. Now we got shit flying in the air.