Edward's gets $1250 Haircut .........

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trader1966, Jul 5, 2007.

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    i kinda wonder about a guy that has a spat with his hairdresser

    those boys should take a weekend in key west and make up with each other
  3. I was just lookin' for some grins with "Is Hillary MILF Worthy". Obviously, Edwards is the hot mama.

    How's he helpin' the poor with this???

    Assplug! Funny.
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    all kidding aside, the stupidity of American media amazes me

    Edwards talks about poverty, but this guy co-sponsored a massive increase in h-1b visas - the youtube law firm h-1b video finally drives the point home how damaging that is

    Edwards voted for MFN-China, devestating textile mills in his state

    Edwards voted for benefits for illegal aliens, diving down the wages for his poorest citizens, and diverting benefits away from them

    One factor in skyrocketing health care costs is doctor's malpractice insurance skyrocketing - any idea how that happened?

    these issues are far more important than his hair

    Edwards understands better than anyone the '2 Americas'

    he lives in one, he helped create the other