Educrats Declare War On Children

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    Zero Intelligence: What is happening these days in education? Children are being demonized and expelled from public schools for "crimes" associated with plastic army men or gun-shaped cookies. A monster is growing.

    Ever since the Department of Education took in more than $100 billion in 2009 stimulus cash to "improve education" the incidents of petty tyranny traumatizing children from its bureaucrats and teachers unions has grown exponentially in schools.

    Economist Dan Mitchell pointed out on his International Liberty blog that their latest target was a 9-year-old Michigan boy whose mother brought cupcakes decorated with plastic army men to class for his birthday.

    The educrats shuddered and demanded the tiny toys be removed, as if there were some sort of moral equivalence between toy representations of U.S. armed forces members and the unhinged spray shooters they use as justification to enact their oppressions.

    Mitchell pointed out that it was a long and ugly pattern, giving examples, all of which were verifiable:

    • Bureaucrats suspended a little boy for taking bites out of a pop tart to make it look like a gun.

    • Bureaucrats suspended a 7-year-old boy for pretending to throw a non-existent grenade on the playground.

    • Bureaucrats suspended a 6-year-old boy in Maryland for making a gun shape with his finger.

    • Bureaucrats busted a 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania for having a pink plastic gun that shoots bubbles.

    • A teacher in Rhode Island caught an 8-year-old boy with some plastic toy army men. The list goes on.

    And each of these incidents is a traumatic event in the life of a very young child — whose nature is to please the adults in his or her life and whose sense of play is usually no threat to anyone.

    As Mitchell says, it begins to verge on child abuse.

    Bureaucrats, whose absence of proportion toward their young charges matches the best of the Dickensian 19th century schoolmasters, aren't really concerned about kids' well-being.

    At a minimum, these tyrannies against the young suggest an unaccountable bureaucracy with too much cash. That cash also bankrolls the paramilitarization of the Department of Education itself, complete with SWAT teams, as writer Mark Steyn has pointed out.

    Children suffer in either case. We have a virtual war on children by an unaccountable bureaucracy that, like Frankenstein's monster, has gotten out of control.

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