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  1. Osman


    hey, low risk- very high reward? Sign me up!

    no seriously, working with options and arbitrage are advanced levels of trading. options even when hedged right, the spreads between the bid and ask are large. the room for error is significantly less than with equities.

    Would you be open to starting with simple strategies based on the market knowledge that you already have; then build upon that trading experience and slowly get more and more complex? Or use small position sizes at first?

    I wish you the best of luck to your new venture.
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  2. When I look for these trades, I look for ivol that is low (real low) on a historical basis.... Then I buy LEAP straddles on equities that have potential to increase in vol....... that is it in a nutshell.... leaps keep you from blowing out through decay... treat ivol as you would price action and see what the market is telling you.... compare ivol to hvol and see what the market is telling you.... you will not get a sense of direction, but you will get a sense of an increase or decrease in movement.....

    I'm willing to start small and simple for the right opportunity.... And, to be truthful, I'm going to start out small and slow anyway.... while I have a decent amount of market knowledge, I know trading can humble even the greatest "Market WIzard"......
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  3. virgin


    Let's keep to the subject....traders,please tell something

    about your educational background
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  4. virgin


    Nobody willing to post...?!
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  5. sammy12


    Let me be the first one.

    I have a Double Masters (One in Engineering and an MBA), but a novice trader.

    For me trading is harder then earning both master's from Top 10 school.

    As lot of previously suggested Trading needs different mindset then just having good educational background, but it may be helpful in developing advane strategies in options and some risk arb techinques. Also it is good to have programming knowledge, if one needs to backtest or/and system trade.
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  6. Evidently, basic grammar and spelling are no longer prerequisites to earning an MBA. Times have changed, I guess. But not to worry. They're not required in trading either.
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    No, it's completely irrelevant. Analysis is about as useful for trading as it is for running a marathon.
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    No offense taken. Being a student from non-english speaking country, I am not proud of my english either.
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  9. Just joking, my man. It's all good.
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