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  1. I would appreciate you feedback on the following courses.

    Times Method by Traders International
    RS of Houston
    Oliver Velez’s “Trade for Life” program

    Thanks for your input.

  2. are you thinking of learning to daytrade fututres ?? I have dont the course from TI what do you want to knwo about it ????
  3. Hi Eminitrader.
    What is your overall experience with Traders International?
    Is it a scam like I read somewhere in this forum?
  4. LOLOL:p
  5. Sorry but as far as feedback goes you look like a stinky shill
  6. Yes it is a Fuckin Scam.
  7. The TI course is a basic lesson on divergence trading....hardly worth the thousands they charge for it...their claims of making 500 to 1000 a night is a joke....i know quite a few trading under their guidance and I dont know of anyone making money on a consistant basis. However...they will take somebody with no market knowlegde to a place of trading on their own with their own system...this is where the success eventually lies...but as I have found you dont usually realise this until you are about 15,000 down in losses and expenses.
  8. Thanks for the insight, Eministrader.
  9. Not much in from this group
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