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    Hello everyone I am new to the forum and was wondering what formal education the people here think is necessary or at least somewhat beneficial for someone who wants to trade for a living. I’m just about to graduate high school and am not sure what university courses would be beneficial for me. I am starting to get more in-depth in my knowledge about the market so I’m looking for more advanced classes about trading beyond simply the basics about just the stock markets and mutual funds. Thanks
  2. opps... wrong thing to do.

    Some of the best traders here never even went to college.

    Please use the tuition to fund your first account.

    I think Jim Rogers said it best, save dat tuition and open up your first account.
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    currently I'm trying to read as much material relating to the different markets as possible and am planning on trading more actively when i turn 18. Do you think this is the best plan so i can start small and gain experience?
  4. ... If you believe there is any other plan, then expect to blow up quickly.

    I'm 19, started at 18. Still haven't made any money, but now have much experience.

    So, just protect your capital and work hard and accept the fact that trading might not be your thing if it comes to that.

  5. It would be advisable if you finished college.

    Trading will always be here and has been here for the past 100+ years.

    College is best done early on in your prime for your future job security.

    A speculator is not a job you want to be,

    To make a lot of money you do not speculate,

    Please refer to how goldman Sachs 2 Billion NET this quarter make money
    or Lehman brothers.

    They do not speculate.

    Speculation is a low end job for 99% of the people in that position. Just a step up from Las vegas for many people. Except it sounds better.
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    Best advice: forget it.
  7. A good education is something that can never be taken away from you, and will be something to fall back upon if you come by hard times.
  8. Go to college... Study Engineering. Take all the Probability and Statistics classes that you can. Dive right into the "higher" math. With good grades you will have loads of job offers for the rest of your life.

    Trading is something you can do part-time... start with basic investing and perhaps a little "swing" trading. Day Trading can be boring as hell!

    If you are determined to trade: After graduating "top of your class" in Engineering, apply to the top Business Schools. If you are truely gifted you will get into one of the top 10. Study finance and take all the "high" financial math and financial Engineering coarses that are offered. This will position you well for the hedgefund industry.

    Keep "trading" in perspective. You have your whole life in front of you. Don't plan on spending it in front of some PC scalping pennies!
  9. psychology. the market is influenced by the emotions of all the people involved.
  10. 4 yrs is something that you'll never get back. You can always go back to college if trading isn't for you. Spend money on opening up an account, rather than wasting it on needless books & buerocrats.
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